Friday, July 1, 2011

A Cartwheel or Two

Hello My Lovelies,

It feels like forever since I've last posted. I do apologise. However, I have been a very busy Trolley Dolly. You can find out more about what I've been up too right here. I hope you enjoy :)


candyT said...

OMG!!! this is my first time here!!! dont ask why and how!! but POINT IS i love !!! i really do!! love LURV!!!! more, more, more. this is truly lovely u, u r lovely**

Nicole said...

does it mean this blog will no longer be updated? :) thanks for sharing this new link :) nice to hear from you :)

Nicole_Star said...

Dearest Nicole, I have been busy with a new update, I just need to find the time to edit it. Hopefully it'll be up in the next week. but i'm glad you still check in regularly. Hope your application process is going well. x
CandyT, I'm glad you are enjoying the blog. try and visit for more updates. :)