Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Rumours are true…I’m becoming a Cabin Crew!

Hello Boys and Girls

So many of you are learning about my new career change through my farewell invite! A 1000 apologisies that you’re finding out this way. For some it will come as no surprise as most of you know I was looking to explore other careers outside of architecture. But most of you are thinking… HUH?

I'm leaving this.....
... to become this

In a nutshell….

I was itching to get out of architecture for a while. Maybe give it a break for 1 or 2 years. I’d like to travel, see the world, meet new people, buy new shoes, dance on a beach till the sun comes out, visit beautiful ancient monuments and buildings ….you know, the usual stuff.

Architecture is a rewarding job, I mean there are not many industries where you can design and erect a structure and it stays around for a couple of decades! However, I was not one of the fortunate few who got to take a gap year. I did some traveling during university, but as soon as work (a.k.a real life) started, it became increasingly difficult to take those trips overseas.  As a grownup you suddenly have things like: tax, leave applications, deadlines, medical aid, insurance, etc to worry about.

In order to travel, live abroad and get out of architecture, which would basically mean taking that gap year I always dreamed about, I chose to explore a childhood dream of becoming a trolley dolly , better known as Cabin Crew. So at the end of October 2010 I spoke to my parents about my desires, dreams and bucket list and they both agreed with me, that cabin crew would be a great way to travel the world and earn money while doing it! I applied online and got a letter two weeks later inviting me to the group interviews in early December. I found out in January I was successful, got word in February that my visa was approved and now I’m getting ready to jet out of here. Out of 88 girls and 4 boys, so far only 2 of us were successful.

I leave for Dubai on the 14th March and before you can ask me ,“When will you return”, the answer simply is “I don’t know”.  I’d like to not put a time limit on my new journey and I’d also not like to restrict myself to coming back. Whether I come back after a year or come back after 50 years, Cape Town, my beautiful muse, will forever be my home.  So I hope this gives you an idea of why I’m “suddenly” relocating. I do apologise for keeping it on the DL (that’s Down Low for all you old folk) but the job interview/application process takes months.

For those of you who are interested in following this blog, I will try and post at least once a month. I created this blog so that my family and close friends, could keep up to date with my life abroad. You do not have to be a blogspot member to follow me. Gmail users may simply click on "follow".

Thanks to everyone for all your support, prayers and encouragement during the application process. You are all my special engels.  Love you all to the bone!

Nix xxx

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p.s.s I would also appreciate it, if little to no mention of my airline were made on this blog