Saturday, March 26, 2011

Delectable Dubai

Hello my lovelies.

So it’s official, I am in Dubai! Looking back on my interview in December, I never thought I’d get here! I still remember texting my family and close friends throughout out the day, saying, “I’m through to the next round. 2 more to go!” or “I made it to the final interview for tomorrow whoop whoop!” And here I am, I made it all the way to Dubai. Woohoooooo!

So Dubai is AMAZING. The architecture, the people, the FASHION, the food…. It’s FANTASTIC. There is a little something for everyone. From the second I leave my apartment and get into the lift, I’m bound to meet someone from another part of the world! It is like nothing I have ever experienced before. I’m loving this cosmopolitan lifestyle. Yet, at the same time, it’s a lot like Cape Town in the sense that everything is so laid back.

Most of the Muslim women here where Hijabs. Picture courtsey of  hijabtrendz

Last night, a friend and myself walked to an Asian restaurant nearby for dinner at about 7pm. Thereafter at 9pm we walked back to my apartment but stopped at a traditional shisha (aka hubbly bubbly or hooka pyp) restaurant. It was a warm evening with a slight breeze so we sat outside and discussed our different countries. At around 10pm we decided yet again to walk back home. As we got closer to my building, we decided that it’s such a beautiful evening, that therefore we should go exploring. So we took the metro to Dubai Mall and strolled from the station to the mall while taking pictures of the Burj al Khalifa and the light show. It was beautiful! Shops here close at midnight so the city seems to always be awake. It really is special.

I officially start training on Sunday. Thus far, I’ve been busy with induction week. We’ve gone on a tour of Dubai, had introductions to all the courses we’ll be covering over the next six weeks and did loads of team building. It’s like being back at school again, just with a very multi cultural class! AMAZING!!!(I’m starting to sound like a stuck record)! This is a very rare opportunity to meet so many different nationalities. We have about 30 different nationalities in our group of 62 people! I’ve met people from Colombia, Moldavia, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, the list really is endless. Most of them, like me, left professions  like law, medicine, marketing, to pursue life in the sky.

The Burj Al Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. Picture courtsey of  wordpress

A sneak Peak for Future blogs…

I would like to make this blog a bit more fun and when I was in SA, I mentioned to my very good friend, that I’d like to buy this book called, “1000 ultimate travel experiences, Make the Most of your Time on Earth.” I told her that I’d like to tick off each “experience” as I visit each new country. I never got the book in the end, but my friend, she listened, she observed and she bought me the book as a farewell gift. So my lovelies, in the future you can look forward to some adventure updates as I work my way through the world with my travel book at hand.

Many adventures to look forward to! Picture courtesy of amazon 

So my lovelies, before I sign off, I’d like to leave you with this quote:

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”  ~St. Augustine

Hopefully I’ll get to read lots more of this book during the next couple of years. Have a beautiful day my darlings.

much love